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Cagnara DOP


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil that boasts the designation DOP Terra di Bari-Bitonto and is the synthesis of the philosophy of Olio Ciccolella: high quality and enhancement of the territory.
Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil extracted from the Coratina variety, harvested from the farms of the Ciccolella farm during the last olive oil campaign.
The privileged use of this variety allows to obtain an extremely fragrant oil with a surprising intense fruity taste.

Color: Intense green with shades of gold.
Aroma: Suggestions of fresh olives, as if they were just crushed, cut grass, hints of almond and artichoke.
Taste: The vegetable notes mingle with a pleasantly bitter and spicy impact. It surprises for the long and persistent finish.
Gastronomic indications: Ideal for strong dishes like cream of beans, salad with arugula, cream of pumpkin soup, bruschetta with homemade bread, burnt wheat orecchiette and vegetables, red meats, roasts and cheeses.

Available only in 500 ml glass bottle.

Orange Cru | New Harvest


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

The concept of traceability is contained in Orange Cru. The GPS coordinates silk-screened on the bottle indicate the place of origin of the Coratina and Ogliarola Barese olives. The fruits, highly selected, create a medium-quality fruit of superior quality, whose particularity is that of being unique every year because the percentages of the two varieties are deliberately joined randomly.
The result is a balanced taste that goes well with fish and vegetables, fresh cheeses and delicate sauces.
Orange Cru is only available in 500 ml glass bottle.

Tris Tasting Cans


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

Three different oils to season your dishes and combine them with the flavors of your cuisine.

From intense to delicate, from pure Coratina olive to Ogliarola from Bari olive. This is our 3 high quality EVOOs kit to take with you everywhere to create a quality cuisine.

It Contains:

  • One 175ml can of COPPADORO EVOO, intense fruity
  • One 175ml can of ZURLO EVOO, medium fruity
  • One 175ml can of FARESSE EVOO, delicate fruity

Homemade Taralli


Taralli with delicate taste and a pleasantly friable texture, produced in Apulia with Ciccolella Extra Virgin Olive Oil.