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Coratina and Ogliarola from Bari
Two important native cultivars in the Apulian territory
Our Cultivars

The term cultivar indicates the existing olive varieties and denotes the morphological characteristics, such as the tree, the leaf and the drupe, as well as the phenological ones, determining the fundamental phases of the plant such as flowering and maturation.

We could say that the cultivar, or the variety, of belonging, describes the DNA of the plant and consequently the extra virgin that will be born from that fruit.

“In Italy there are more than 500 varieties of olive cultivars, protagonists of a heritage of taste to be protected and valued.
Our production of extra virgin olive oil is concentrated only on two cultivars:
the Coratina and the Ogliarola barese.”

Giuseppe Ciccolella

“The Coratina and the Ogliarola barese represent the icons of the Apulia region and in particular of the area where the Ciccolella olive groves are located.
It is our task to divulge their historicity and flavor, enhancing them with an excellent quality oil.”

Giuseppe Ciccolella