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Cialletta salad

Ingredients for 4 Quantity Bread or Frise 5 sl (or Frise) Tomatoes 250 gr Cucumbers 200 gr Red Onion 1 water q.s. Salt and Oregano q.s. Oil CAGNARA DOP TERRA DI BARI  q.s. The recipe From the ancient Apulian tradition here you are this poor but nutritious recipe that uses typical summer products: Cialletta salad...
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Favetta and Chicory

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Dried broad beans 400 gr Chicory 400gr Laurel (leaves) 2/3 Water q.s. Salt q.s. Black pepper q.s. Oil COPPADORO q.s.   The recipe   A dish with a unique flavor thanks to the combination of two contrasting flavors but, which melt together, create a unique taste: the sweetness of the...
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Detox Salad

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Iceberg salad 1 head Radicchio salad 1 head Chopped Parsley 3 spoons White wine vinegar q.s. Salt q.s. Black pepper q.s. Oil ZURLO q.s.   The Recipe   After the holidays the body needs to get rid of excess toxins, we opt for a rich salad with light oil Zurlo!...
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