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Cialletta salad

Ingredients for 4 Quantity
Bread or Frise 5 sl (or Frise)
Tomatoes 250 gr
Cucumbers 200 gr
Red Onion 1
water q.s.
Salt and Oregano q.s.

The recipe

From the ancient Apulian tradition here you are this poor but nutritious recipe that uses typical summer products: Cialletta salad (or Cialledda) is simplicity and freshness!

The preparation begins by washing and then cutting the tomatoes and cucumbers into small pieces, and thinly slicing the red onion. Put the ingredients in a large bowl and add the oregano and salt at this point. Wet the Frise or slices of bread with few water, break them with your hands and add everything to the other ingredients in the bowl. Here comes the moment we prefer the most: dress all the ingredients with a extra virgin olive oil CAGNARA DOP TERRA DI BARI and leave the Cialletta in the fridge until the time to bring it to the table. It is already ready … just taste it!