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The harvest of olives: how good oil is made

The harvest of olives: periods and techniques of olive harvesting to guarantee a tasty and genuine oil. Read how New Ciccolella Oil 2022 is created
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Pumpkin pie recipe without eggs and butter

Pumpkin pie recipe without eggs and butter. A soft cake for breakfast, very simple and tasty. Read and find out how to make a vegan pumpkin pie.
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Basil flavored extra virgin olive oil

Basil Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very popular product in Italian cuisine. It's the perfect match between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh aromatic herb typical of the Mediterranean: The Basil.
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Olio Ciccolella in London 30 June 2019

      Tomorrow, 30.06.2019, Olio Ciccolella will be in London for a really nice EVOO tasting event: the first EVOnt in London where people have the chance to learn the values and features of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil!   At Maximo Italian Bistrot, the chef Simona Vacca will match Seafood with our Coratina...
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Where do you store EVOO in the kitchen?

      Never under the kitchen sink, store it in your pantry! Keep EVOO far from soaps and strong scents. Store it in cool, dry place, protected from light and heat sources.  
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