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Detox Salad

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Iceberg salad 1 head Radicchio salad 1 head Chopped Parsley 3 spoons White wine vinegar q.s. Salt q.s. Black pepper q.s. Oil ZURLO q.s.   The Recipe   After the holidays the body needs to get rid of excess toxins, we opt for a rich salad with light oil Zurlo!...
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Chiacchiere with extra virgin olive oil

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Flour 400gr White wine 70ml Eggs 2 Sugar 12 gr Salt 1 pizzico Lemon zest 1 Icing Sugar q.s. Oil EVO FARESSE 30ml   The Recipe   The secret of our Chiacchiere? We prepare the dough using Faresse extra virgin olive oil! Here is the recipe! Work all the ingredients...
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The perfect steak

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Beef ribs 1kg Sour cream 75gr Mayonnaise 75gr Garlic 1 clove Lemon Juice 1/2 lemon Chopped chives 1 teaspoon Chopped dill 1 teaspoon Salt q.s. Pepper q.s. Misticanza q.s. Olio ORANGE CRU q.s.   The recipe   Remove the meat from the fridge at least two hours before grilling it....
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Grilled Vegetables

  Ingredients for 4 Quantity Zucchini 2 Pepperoni 2 Onion 1 Fennel 1 Eggplants 2 for Marinating Balsamic vinegar 2 spoons Garlic 2 cloves Salt q.b. Black pepper q.b. Oil FARESSE 3 spoons   The recipe   Prepare the marinade: mix the oil, the vinegar, the crushed garlic cloves, salt and pepper. Wash the vegetables:...
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Basil Pesto

  Ingredients for 4  Quantity Basil leaves 50gr Pine nuts 15gr Parmesan 70gr Pecorino cheese 30gr Garlic 2 cloves Salt q.s. Oil ZURLO 100ml   The recipe   Clean the basil leaves with a soft cloth, without wetting them. Alternatively, wash them but let them dry perfectly: this step should be done gently, because if...
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