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Detox Salad


Ingredients for 4Quantity
Iceberg salad1 head
Radicchio salad1 head
Chopped Parsley3 spoons
White wine vinegarq.s.
Black pepperq.s.
Oil ZURLOq.s.


The Recipe


After the holidays the body needs to get rid of excess toxins, we opt for a rich salad with light oil Zurlo! We focus on vegetables and healthy ingredients to make a gift to our body. Ideal, salads. Better if maxi and composed of seasonal ingredients, favoring fruit (fresh and dried) and vegetables with draining and energizing properties. Wash and dry the iceberg salad leaves, cut them finely and place them in a large salad bowl. Finely chop the parsley with oil (and if you like vinegar), salt and ground pepper; mix the ingredients with a fork and leave them for a few minutes to rest. Add the oil and parsley dressing to the iceberg salad: gently mix the ingredients, subdivide the salad into serving dishes. Serve immediately.