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Favetta and Chicory


Ingredients for 4 Quantity
Dried broad beans 400 gr
Chicory 400gr
Laurel (leaves) 2/3
Water q.s.
Salt q.s.
Black pepper q.s.


The recipe


A dish with a unique flavor thanks to the combination of two contrasting flavors but, which melt together, create a unique taste: the sweetness of the broad bean cream with the bitter taste of the herbs.

To cook this delicacy in the best way, start the day before by soaking the beans for 12 hours in a bowl with plenty of cold water. After the necessary time, rinse the beans and cook them in a pot adding plenty of water and the bay leaves in pieces or whole. Cook over low heat, closing the pot with the lid, for about 2 hours: as the beans will release the typical froth, remove it with the skimmer. In the meantime you can boil the chicory in salted water, previously washed and cleaned. Once ready, drain it and place it in a bowl. Continue cooking the beans by adding a little salt and, when they are almost cooked, stir continuously with a wooden spoon, until they have the consistency of a puree. Once ready lay the broad bean purée in the dish with the chicory side by side and season with extra virgin olive oil. Serve the hot dish accompanied with bread or croutons.