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Basil flavored extra virgin olive oil

Basil Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very popular product in Italian cuisine. It's the perfect match between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh aromatic herb typical of the Mediterranean: The Basil.
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Where do you store EVOO in the kitchen?

      Never under the kitchen sink, store it in your pantry! Keep EVOO far from soaps and strong scents. Store it in cool, dry place, protected from light and heat sources.  
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Dark or transparent glass?

        Choose a dark-colored glass bottle to preserve the unique essence and aromas of extra virgin olive oil. Keep your EVOO far from oxygen and light: this will help to retain longer its health benefits , such as polyphenols and vitamin E.
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It’s Harvest Time! Ogliarola Barese harvesting

Harvesting is the moment we wait all year long and in these sunny October days everything is much more beautiful :-)! Today we keep on picking off Ogliarola Barese,  our Cultivar that gives us a delicate extra virgin olive oil with fresh cut grass scents, yellow fruit and just some perfum of almond hucks The Ogliarola is...
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